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Overview: To the southeast of Breghild lies Darganon, a dark land covered in mountain and forest with plains and grassland wedged in between. Although nominally under the rule of a collection of prominent families and guild houses, the regionís worst-kept secret is that the Sidhe are its single most powerful faction. Darganon is known to travelers as a country where those who venture out after dark often donít come back, a land where wolves bay at the moon and the woods and hills are ruled by merciless and capricious beings whose very names are best left unmentioned.

Land: Darganonís elevation and mountainous character makes it a difficult land to traverse, with mild summers and cold winters. Many parts of the forests and mountains are too thick for a merchant caravan to travel, and many of the fey creatures who live there do not suffer the attempts of mortals to clear the land for farming or trade roads.

Culture: The average Dargani is a peasant or artisan struggling to eke out a living and maintain good standing with his lord or guild. The people are understandably gruff, suspicious of outsiders, and extremely superstitious. They accept at face value that life is necessarily hard and that there are no guarantees of safety or plenty. Most Dargani have very complex rituals for events such as births, weddings, funerals, festivals, etc. which are designed to appease and protect them from the Sidhe and other creatures which live in the wild. In terms of appearance, they are fairly similar to the Breghildi.

Language: Darkoan is the predominant language in Darganon. Feykin are not the only Dargani who speak Sylvan, although many humans consider it dangerous to learn the language of the fey.

Races: Humans are the most populous race in Darganon, joined by feykin, Ardra, and some Tyrvani living in semi-feudal kingdoms. The mountains which help form the nationís northwestern border are inhabited by many Krennik communities, but these are largely divorced from the culture of the rest of the country.

Religion: The Dargani are a superstitious and fearful people who are afraid to spurn any divinity, so they often make cursory prayers or offerings to a variety of gods. Urifell, Sarketh, and Cannarak are often worshipped out of fear, while the people seek the patronage of Mirmel, Ulik, and Miralorn. Verlain is commonly worshipped by forest-dwelling peoples, and Karog by those who live in the treacherous mountains.

Capitol: Belfegore

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Vizualizari: 1081
Importanta: rank

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