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Application Form Tips


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Application Form Tips 

Dal dobr tipy a rady, kter se hod při vyplňovn formulře:

Andreas: Which one is more appropriate explaining about your experience using

bullet points or flowing English, like telling a story?

McD: Bullet points are very effective because they put the information down in a

very clear and easy way to read and it takes away the need to have long sentences using linking words. So I think bullet points can certainly be recommended, highly recommended.

Opticky oddělen body - odrky - jsou činněj a přehledněj. Člověk se tak vyhne dlouhm souvětm.

Should I list my main skills in bold and underline them?

MMcD: I think its best to avoid underlining points because it can seem over stated.

However using bold characters can be useful for the interviewer or the person

reading your application form if it's information that they need to check.

However it certainly shouldn't be over-used and limited to one or two points

on a page and it has to be something that's very important that you are trying

to get across because using bold text will stand out immediately. In fact it will

be the first thing that the person looks at reading the page.

Msto podtrhvn je lep zvraznit tučnm psmem pr nejdůleitěj ch dajů, ale nesm se to přehnět, tak jeden dva na strnce. Dal dobr rada:

Try and use up all the space and make sure you photocopy the original form and practise many times over. Don't use too many words where a few will do. Always keep the English as simple as you can and to the point.

Where possible don't attach any additional sheets as the form is designed to be completed and there should be enough space for all the relevant information on it. And remember the acronym KISS which is short for: Keep it Short and Simple.

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