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10 KW LINEAR AMPLIFIER X-5 - Peak power 12.3 K Watt in to 50 Ohm.


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Peak power 12.3 K Watt in to 50 Ohm.








Pi net for QBL5-3500 4000W out CW

Soft ware G3SEK or WA2WHV

K=1.6 Ia=1.52Amp Ua=4000VDC RL=1644Ohm beta .66

Calculation for cooling with enviroment 22.5 Celsius QBL5-3500 at 3168W out CW (Ia=1.23Amp).

For anode loss off 1620W the tube recommends 2.5 cubic meter pr.minute and the pressure is 25mmH2O or 250Pa. EBM Ziehl G2E 120-AR77-90 gives 225psi or 22.91mmH2O at 2.5 cubic meter pr.minute. The cooling graph for QBL5-3500 is calculated at zero sea levels at 35 grader Celsius. The conclusion is that this blower us useable at environment near 22.5 grader Celsius. The Lw for this blower is 70.

Power calculation 4000VDc x 1.2 Amp = 4800 Watt.

4800W x .66= (4800 3168)= anode loss 1632 Watt at 3168 Wout CW.

For more power use EBM Ziehl G2E180-EHO3-01. The Lw for this blower is 77.

  • 4000VDC x 1.84 = 7360W x.66= 4857.6W P.E.P out x .070= 3433Wrms or peak power 9715.2 watt in to 50 Ohm.

Or 9715.2 W  3db = 4857.6 W P.E.P

  • 5000VDC x 1.84 = 9200 x .67 = 6164W P.E.P out x .070= 4314Wrms

Peak power is 12.3 KW !

Remarks the calculation for 160 M is set at Ia=1.0 Amp because the amp is using ITT Jennings UCS400 for max 400pF.

THIS CAN KILL YOU DEAD, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. The manufacturer does a good job of educating the Ham about the dangerous and lethal voltage available from a tube type linear amplifier. Those dangers and more are present when you take on a project like this - SO - DON'T DO IT. Don't even think about taking on any Lethal High Voltage project unless you have received proper training and have practical experience with High Voltage circuits and the dangers. The High Voltages and High Stored Energy in these rectifier/capacitor filter power supplies can KILL YOU DEAD in an instant.

So don't read any further. Don't attempt this project. If your amplifier is not powerful enough, buy a more powerful unit. Leave it as it is. Don't remove the cover. This project is not for you. Well, you might take a look at how it's done, but, do not attempt this project.

Water and Oil cooling is a noise less and effective cooling system and easy to build.

There is a lot of information on inter net about cooling documents consider x-ray tubes and laser tubes. 

Swiftech MCP-655 12v Dc pump

The MCP655 pump is a high reliability, high pressure industrial pump, featuring a 50,000 hour MTBF (5 year lifetime). Such reliability is afforded by the unique design of this pump, which contains only one moving part: the magnetically driven spherical impeller spins on a single ceramic bearing, thus extending the life of this pump beyond existing standards.

The pump is completely plug-and-play, and connects directly to any computer power-supply through standard 4 pin power connectors. It's compact design, quiet and powerful motor make it ideally suited for heavy duty cooling in environments where space is at a premium.

Summary of benefits

  • 50,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) equivalent to 5 years lifetime.
  • Superior 12 Volts DC convenience: plugs into the computer power supply
  • The MCP655 can be used with full confidence in any MP servers, and high-end workstations.
  • Superior real world performance versus any aquarium pump we have tested to this date.
  • The high pressure capability of the MCP655 is particularly well adapted to high-flow systems using 1/2' ID tubing
  • Pump speed can be adjusted to yield top performance or virtually silent operations
  • Compact Design.
  • Quiet operations even at high speed thanks to new chipset controller
  • ' Barb fittings.
  • No maintenance when used with de-mineralized water, and anti-fungal additives (Our HydrX additive is recommended)
  • Quick installation with adhesive neoprene pad, or permanent installation with thru-bolts

Nominal voltage

12 V DC

Operating voltage range

6 to 14 VDC

Nominal power (@ 12 V)

24 W

Nominal current (@ 12 V)

2 amps

Motor type

Brushless, microprocessor controlled

Maximum head

10 ft (3.1 m)

Maximum discharge

~ 317 GPH (1200 LPH)

Connection size

' barbs

Maximum pressure

50 PSI (3.5 BAR)

Temperature range

32 F to 140F (0 C to 60 C)

Electrical connector

Molex 4 pin


1.4 LB (650 gr.)

Impeller Housing material


ZALMAN cooler radiator build inn pump and resovar.


Link to K8CU

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