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The Hinnom


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The Hinnom

Overview: The Hinnom is a dark and dangerous region which comprises the easternmost peninsula of Tirith. No single entity can claim rulership over the land, which is plagued with aberrations and undead menaces which seem to appear out of nowhere. The seas which surround the peninsula are dangerous, barely navigable, and full of monsters; many believe that the monsters which walk the Hinnom simply arise from the sea. The few civilized people who populate the region are fierce barbarian tribes who see it as their sacred duty to war against the horrors which stalk the land. The Hinnom is also the last outpost of the organized remains of the Goblin Horde, driven to the edge of Tirith.

Land: The Hinnom is a land where the climate does not seem to obey any natural order; the days are usually hot while the nights are very cold, and the severity of the winter and summer can vary a great deal from year to year. The countryside is mostly flat, and often barren, dotted by occasional, often solitary mountains and plateaus.

Culture: The tribes which dare to try and survive in the Hinnom are generally fierce, unyielding, and superstitious. They are hostile towards anything which appears monstrous or magical and comport themselves with some degree of arrogance toward the cultures of other nations, which, in the estimation of the Hinnom tribesmen, owe their continued existence to the efforts of the warrior tribes. Although the Coda word for those who reside in the Hinnom would be “Hinnomam,” the tribes resent this appellation fiercely; they may live in the Hinnom, but are certainly not of the blighted land. They refer to themselves as the Topetham, meaning “warden people.” Topetham eke out a living through whatever agriculture they can manage, and also by occasional raids into Medhir; they see the spoils of their raids as tribute owed to them for their work.

Language: Topetham mostly speak Coda. Many are familiar with languages such as Goblin, Giant, Abyssal, Cthonian, and Infernal, but consider it bad luck to speak them in most situations.

Races: The vast majority of Topetham are human, with a few Tyrvani tribes and an even smaller Ardra population in the forests and marshes along the northern coast.

Religion: Karroth, Verlain, and Maanlua are the primary deities of the Topetham. The Topetham are also some of the only people on Tirith who maintain the cult of the dead god, Damarand, a deity of vigilance and loyalty.

Capitol: Maldoror

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