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Removing and installing cylinder liner


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Removing and installing cylinder liner

Cylinder liner

Seal ring

Soft-iron seal ring

Note: The drawing shows a V–engine.

Starting position

Cooling water completely drained into collecting tank, cylinder head and water guide collar removed, piston with connecting rod pulled.

Note: Drain cooling water into a separate tank- do not drain it into bilge or sewer

Sequence of operation 1 (removing)

Cover crank gear below the liner with canvas.

Mount complete liner extractor (see drwg.), using care not to damage the running surface of the cylinder liner.

Break away cylinder liner by tightening the nut at the top (050. 036-6). Screw eye nut onto threaded rod and lift liner cautiously by use of the hoist. Guide liner by guide bar (034.006) if necessary.

Note: Protect cylinder head studs from damage by slipping on 6 protection hoses. Pay attention to seal ring (3) in cylinder liner, if it is not removed.

Clean all parts and inspect for damage and wear. Inside liner dimensions are taken with the liner installed,

Note: In constricted engine room space, remove the upper traverse after breaking loose the liner. To do so, screw out and remove the upper part of the threaded rod, screw eye nut onto threaded rod projecting from the middle traverse and hang with rope on hoist.

Sequence of operation 2 (installing)

Hang cylinder liner with mounted device on hoist, again clean guiding surfaces and especially the sealing surface, replace, if necessary, seal rings (2) and coat it with glycerin or acid-free grease. Coat sealing surface of liner flange with sealing compound Hylomar SW32 H.

Cautiously insert liner, paying attention to threads of cylinder head studs and to seal rings. Locating pins for the correct angular position of the cylinder liner must register.

Fit water guide collar and bolt it down, thus forcing the liner home.

Measure cylinder liner in longitudinal direction of engine and at right angles, enter measurements in engine log.

Cautiously remove canvas from crank gear, taking care to see that no water will get into the oil pan.

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